Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your pricing?

My pricing starts at $450. I believe in creating beautiful timeless keepsakes for your family, and I take time to treat each image with love and care. I'd love to email you my complete price list and packages! Please reach out to me here or email me at All pricing listed covers all film and developing cost, as well as travel within an hour of Austin TX.

2. Do you shoot film or digital?

I exclusively shoot film. I chose film because film stands out significantly to me. Shooting film can be slow and costly but I love the creative process with devotion. The authenticity, colors, tones, depths, and quality of imagery are exceptional and unmatched in other mediums. Film has truly elevated everything I shoot, making it timeless and aesthetically captivating. It has also forced me to hone my photography skills and to know exactly what I’m doing. Waiting for the film to develop is both agonizing and thrilling, and when I finally get to see my work, that’s when I feel myself as a true artist the most. My work continues to push me as an artist, and to learn to be a better storyteller everyday.

3. How did you get started in film?

Growing up in Hong Kong, I lived and breathed art for as long as I can remember, which led me to New York in hopes of pursuing my artistic dreams. Through my degree in fashion design, I developed my skills in graphics and an eye for color and aesthetics. I started my career in children’s wear but realized my heart did not belong in the fashion industry. After freelancing in graphics and co-founding Juniper + Lavender, a wedding planning business, I began to explore new hobbies and ventures. I always had a digital camera but been curious about film photography, so I decided to take a leap and buy my first film camera. I fell deeply in love with film photography, which is why I exclusively shoot film. I never dreamt I’d become a professional photographer, but now that I’ve found my passion, I’m not letting go.

4. Do you travel for photoshoots?

I’d love to travel for photoshoots, but that may not be realistic cost-wise for the client. I do travel quite a bit in general, so be sure to follow me on Instagram @priscillamchoi to see where I’ll go next to offer sessions!

5. Do you shoot weddings?

I’m sorry but unfortunately I do not shoot weddings. I know many wonderful wedding film photographers and I’d be happy to refer you to them!

6. What do you shoot?

My portfolio includes portraits, families, engagements, anniversaries, maternity, newborn, babies, lifestyle sessions, pets, birthdays, travels etc. If what you’re looking for is not listed above, I’m always opened to new challenges and adventures! Reach out to me here.


7. What is the process of film photography?

Film photography starts with understanding my camera and knowing what my settings should be when I first take the photo. Then I send the finished rolls of film to film labs for them to develop and scan into the computer. They also go through an extensive process to make sure all my photos are cleaned and color corrected. When the photos are scanned and ready for me, they email me the gallery via and I download the JPGs straight to my computer, where I can lightly edit them in Lightroom before sending a full digital gallery to you as the client.

8. What is your usual turnaround time?

Generally, the turnaround time for the full gallery is around 3-4 weeks. During busy seasons (May-September), clients can expect the full gallery in around 4-6 weeks.

9. How many images will I receive?

This is typically based on the hours you hired me for and how many rolls of film I shoot. Generally speaking, for a mini session (half hour), I provide around 40-60 images. For a full hour session, it’s around 100-120 images. But for events, it will be dependent on the type of event and what format of film I shoot with. Typically a 2 hour event will receive 120-150 images, and 3 hour event will receive 150-170 images, so on and so forth.


10. What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept cash, checks made out to Priscilla Choi, Paypal, Chase Zelle, or Venmo.

11. How do you deliver your images?

I create online galleries in JPGs through Pixieset for all clients where they can view, download, share, and order prints—all in one place.