Seeking Beauty in the Mundane



I’m a fine art film photographer and graphic designer based in Austin TX. I started this photography + design business to express my creativity and my love for film photography and design, all while being able to share it with the people around me.


I specialize in film portraits and lifestyle photography, and I also love to travel with my camera, seeking beauty through my lens. My style is natural, airy, and fresh, and I strive to make all my sessions as fun and organic as possible. I always try my best to capture the love of a family in an authentic way —the little joys every day that make you smile, and the beauty in the mundane yet chaotic journey we call life.

With photography, the joys are so simple. I will never grow tired of seeing a baby’s laughter, the bliss and hope on the parents’ faces while looking down at her pregnant belly, witnessing the teary smiles as new parents hold their babies for the first time, or the intimate embrace between a couple, old and young. There’s truly magic all around us and it's easy to overlook it. I’m honored to witness these intimate and magical connections that human beings make and to pause these precious moments for you. Being able to cherish and revisit these moments again and again—that is so rewarding to me.

I am honored to be named in “The 9 Best Fine Art Photographers in Austin” on Peerspace, as well as "The Top 10 Fine Art Photographers in Austin" on Giggster. I was featured as "Photographer Spotlight" on Motherhood Anthology. I was also selected as one of the finalists for Belle Lumiere Magazine's photo contest on Instagram.


I specialize in creating designs from custom wedding stationery to logos and business cards, as well as event styling and design. Each unique design is a reflection of who I am, my personality, character, and thought process. I am mindful about every detail and orchestrate every design with heart, like turning hand-painted artwork into beautiful invitations. My goal is to take your story and create a unique and memorable design that's truly yours, whether it’s wedding stationery, a branding suite, or product graphics.

With design, I love to take on the challenges of new projects and use my hands to turn nothing into something beautiful. I've always had a passion for art since I could pick up a pencil, and that brought me all the way to New York in hopes of pursuing my artistic dreams. My training in design school has developed many of my skills and experiences in graphic design and an eye for color and aesthetics. I would love to be a vessel to help turn your visions and dreams into a reality!

Photo by Hannah Haston


  • I was born in Ohio but grew up in Hong Kong (all my family are still there)
  • I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese
  • I am a very friendly introvert that love to chat 1 on 1
  • I studied Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC
  • I had a wedding planning business for 4 years before doing photography
  • People think I'm secretly Korean, so much so I started learning Korean
  • I married my best friend in NJ
  • I've been to 30 countries, Maldives was my favorite (also our Honeymoon)
  • I'm allergic to corn (recent discovery and it sucks)
  • I also love to interior-decorate homes/ home makeovers and improvement projects as a hobby
  • Film photography is my passion
  • I was actually born left-handed but switched at kindergarten by teacher
  • I used to volunteer at dog shelters & we now foster puppies! They are A LOT of work though, no joke.
  • I love being in water and on beaches
  • I have a HUGE sweet tooth
  • I love to bake (I make a mean peach cobbler)
  • Favorite food: anything Asian (Dim Sum, sushi, Korean, Taiwanese, pho etc.)
  • Favorite drink: Any kind of tea
  • Favorite colors: lavender and grey
  • Favorite TV shows: Friends, New Girl & Runningman
  • I am basically Monica Geller: detail-oriented/ super organized/ extra neat freak/ perfectionist
  • I have 1 tattoo (learn more about it here)

Photo by Hannah Haston


I moved from NJ/NY in 2017 with my husband and our pup, Kira, to Austin TX for my husband's job. When I'm not busy exploring with my film camera, crafting or designing, I'm usually baking up a storm. My husband and I love to try new restaurants and travel all over the world, for fun and for family! We also spend a lot of our weekends with our church family, eating and sharing life together. When we're not out with friends, you can usually find us in the comforts of our own home, snuggling under a blanket with a good movie, or getting our hands dirty with a home renovation project, like Chip & Joanna Gaines.


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